Chicago 2020 Missions Trip

Chicago 2020 was truly an amazing experience! On January 25, 2020, Paddy Parks, Jeremiah Smith, Abby Fritts, Jackie Wells, Aubrey Granthan, Jess Wells, Sidney Durhan, Rochelle Roundtree, Haylee Silves, Jaycie Peavey, Peggy Smith, Janie Taylor, and Christy Fritts traveled to the Roseland community in south Chicago to serve in the Roseland Community “Good News” Daycare. For one week, the team served in the day care helping to take care of the kids and assisting Ms. Pearl with anything she needed. Ms. Pearl’s ministry has allowed 8 mothers to receive their GED, 48 mothers to graduate high school, 32 mothers to graduate from college, and 63 mothers to gain employment. The Good News Daycare has served 200 mothers and 500 children. To learn more about Ms. Pearl’s ministry, visit