Tuition Costs & Application Process

Information about the University, as well as admission forms, is available by calling the school. Forms are also available online. As an applicant, all forms, correspondence, and phone calls should be directed to the Recruiting & Admissions Office at admissions@abu.edu

A prospective ABU student is encouraged to read the ABU catalog and the Student Handbook which provides additional information concerning requirements and responsibilities. 

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Steps to Apply

Take a few minutes and review each of the steps below to apply for admission to Arlington Baptist University.  Applying is simple, but obtaining each of the necessary documents can take some time.  If you have any questions throughout the application process, contact the admissions office at 817-987-1773 or admissions@abu.edu.

Click Here for Admissions Requirements Checklist for New Freshman & Transfer students

Step 1: Submit Application along with $50 Application fee


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Step 2: Submit Reference

Each student applying to ABU must provide a recommendation using the ABU Recommendation  Form. Recommendation can be a pastor, youth pastor, coach, personal mentor. Recommendation cannot be a relative of the applicant. Upload the Recommendation letter to the student portal upon completion.

Click Here to complete the Recommendation Form

Cost of Attendance for 2024-2025 per semester (For New ABU students attending Fall 2024 and Returning students after an absence of 1 or more semesters.)
Tuition per semester (12-16 credit hours) 8475.00
Per Hour Tuition Rate if below 12 hours or over 16 hours565.00
Registration Fee  (Non-Refundable once registered for classes)100.00
Student Services Fee  (Non-Refundable if student does not withdraw prior to first day of classes)1350.00
Mandatory Student Insurance Fee 45.00
Mandatory Mission Trip Fee100.00
Dorm Hold Deposit Fee (non-refundable)50.00
Room & Board (per semester)4365.00
Dorm Security Deposit - see catalog regarding the policy on the Dorm Security Deposit


**This is not an exhaustive list of fees. Please see ABU Catalog for complete list of fees**

ABU Tuition Refund Schedule

Students who officially withdraw through the Registrar's Office will receive refunds of their tuition charges from the official first day of classes of the semester according to the following schedule (all fees are non-refundable):


    Within one week (Add/Drop Period)                 100%

     Second through third week                               50%

     Fourth week                                                         25%

     After four weeks                                                 No Refund

SUMMER TERM  TUITION               

     Within First Week                                             50%

     After First Week                                                No Refund

All Financial Aid Steps must be completed


Click Here for ABU FAFSA Guide