Financial Aid Disbursements

The criteria for the refund are:
- If the financial aid has been processed
- If you are a returning student, 30 days from beginning of semester,
- Enrolled in 6 or more hours.
- And have verified your address or banking information.

First time loan borrowers to Arlington Baptist University will have a 45 day hold on their loans. Please make sure if this is your first loan that you have gone to the, to complete Entrance loan counseling and sign the Master Promissory Note.

Request for student aid (grants and/or loans) will be submitted based on the total number of registered hours for the semester. Disbursements/Reimbursements are normally made after the drop/add period of 30 days (or 45 days for first time borrowers), but students eligible for a disbursements must complete a disbursement request form by the Wednesday preceding eligible disbursement.

However, for students who need Block B (fall semester) or Block D (spring semester) to reach the reported full-time status (12 hours) or part-time status (6 hour), initial disbursement will be based on the hours successfully begun during the first 30 (or 45) days of the semester. After successfully completing the first two weeks of their Block B (fall) or Block D (spring) course(s), affected students may then become eligible for previously unearned disbursements based on their fully realized status of full (12 hours) or part-time (6 hours).

Please note that dropping a course may affect a student’s financial aid eligibility. If 60% of the semester has not been completed, when a student drops (or is withdrawn from) a course and that reduction in hours alters the student’s reported status, that student may become liable for previously credited moneys or ineligible for additional moneys as noted above. This could also alter future financial aid eligibility. [See “Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)” under “FINANCIAL SERVICES” Tab on our website.]

If the student expects a disbursement at the 30 or 45 day mark or after the second week of the Block B (fall) or Block D (spring), the student must complete a new disbursement request form in the business office by Wednesday of the given week. Disbursements are processed within fourteen (14) days from date of receipt of government funds and will be issued by direct deposit into the student’s bank account. The student must complete the Direct Deposit (ACH) Authorization Form and Agreement as soon as possible to prevent delays in the student disbursement process.