Student Ministry

This program, leading to a Bachelor of Science degree, will prepare students interested in ministering to youth in various areas.


The graduate who completes this program will:

  1. Effectively preach and teach the Word of God and the principles of Christian living to adolescents and young adults.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the adolescent and young adult environment and culture and how to meet special needs.
  3. Organize and conduct a ministry program for young people in a local church or related agency including staff training and working with parents.
  4. Have ability to work with the local church pastor and other staff people.
  5. Provide leadership in carrying out the evangelistic ministry of the church especially as it relates to youth and young adults.
  6. Articulate the function and place of the church in student-related ministries.
  7. Demonstrate skills necessary to conduct student ministry programs including small group functions, leading music, and counseling the adolescent and young adults.
  8. Show appreciation for the ministry of the student ministry director as a calling of God.

The Student Ministry Internship (CM 4311)

Students seeking a degree in Student Ministry are required to apply for the Student Ministry Internship during the fall semester prior to the spring semester in which the internship will be completed.  Only approved churches and qualified Field Supervisors can participate in this Student Ministry Internship.  For a detailed description of this course and its special requirements, please confer with the Student Ministry Program Coordinator.

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