Student Ministry

This program, leading to a Bachelor of Science degree, will prepare students interested in ministering to youth in various areas.


The graduate who completes this program will be able to:

  1. Provide a biblical rationale for Student Ministry in the local church.
  2. Identify the culture of the students to which they are ministering and develop and integrate an extensive plan.
  3.  Perform the true ministry of following Christ: discipleship – making disciples who make disciples.
  4. Creatively communicate the spiritual truth of God’s Word to today’s students in a way that can produce lifestyle change.
  5. Design a typical Student Ministry schedule and calendar of activities which makes up the programing of the local church Student Ministry.
  6. Organize and conduct a ministry for young people in a local church or related agency.
  7. Demonstrate developmental progress in the five basic Student Goals as elaborated in the ABU catalog

‚ÄčThe Student Ministry Internship (CM 4311)

Students seeking a degree in Student Ministry are required to apply for the Student Ministry Internship during the fall semester prior to the spring semester in which the internship will be completed.  Only approved churches and qualified Field Supervisors can participate in this Student Ministry Internship.  For a detailed description of this course and its special requirements, please confer with the Student Ministry Program Coordinator.

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