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Arlington Baptist University maintains an open admissions policy. ABU is interested in extending its services to anyone who has a sincere desire to prepare for a service to the Lord. 


Arlington Baptist University endeavors to prepare men and women for Christian life and ministries, both lay and professional, through studies in Bible, general education, church vocations, and practical service; integrating faith and learning in the context of a Christian worldview.


Arlington Baptist University emphasizes a thorough preparation in the Bible for all its students. The academic programs provide the training necessary for some aspects of church related ministries and professional development programs.

Campus Life

Arlington Baptist University is committed to promoting a campus experience that will grow you academically as a member of society and spiritually as a disciple of Jesus Christ. 

Top News

Top News

Chicago 2020 Missions Trip

Chicago 2020 Missions Trip

3/9/2020 12:00:00 AM EDT
6 months ago

Chicago 2020 was truly an amazing experience! On January 25, 2020, Paddy Parks, Jeremiah Smith, Abby Fritts, Jackie Wells, Aubrey Granthan, Jess Wells, Sidney Durhan, Rochelle Roundtree, Haylee Silves, Jaycie Peavey, Peggy Smith, Janie Taylor, and Christy Fritts traveled to the Roseland community in south Chicago to serve in the Roseland Community “Good News” Daycare. For one week, the team served in the day care helping to take care of the kids and assisting Ms. Pearl with anything she needed. Ms. Pearl’s ministry has allowed 8 mothers to receive their GED, 48 mothers to graduate high school, 32 mothers ...

ABU Happenings

ABU Happenings

10/9/2019 12:00:00 AM EDT
11 months ago

We are at the halfway mark in our Fall 2019 semester and so much is going on at the campus of Arlington Baptist University!

In June, Jimmy McNeil, pastor of Pleasantview Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas, accepted the position of Interim President. ABU is thankful for his leadership during this transition time. Continue to pray for ABU and for Pastor McNeil.

Austin McNeil, college pastor at Pleasantview Baptist Church, spoke to the students at the Revival Fire chapel services in September. Several students gave their life to Christ which is an awesome way to start the school year!!

Our girls ...

Senior Highlight

Jeremiah Smith

Forth Worth, TX

BS Music & Worship

I graduated with my Bachelors of Music and Worship. During my time at ABU, I met some incredible life-long friends, experienced some amazing things, and learned a lot. I’m not exactly sure what God has for me next, but am pursuing some different ministry opportunities. I’m excited to start this next chapter with the things I’ve learned at ABU!


Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events