Intercultural Studies

This program leads to a Bachelor of Science degree for students interested in vocations within a cross-cultural setting, whether vocational ministry or business as mission.  Students will be equipped to work in cross-cultural settings through studying Bible, culture, and ministry skills.


The graduate who completes this program will:

  1. Interpret the Bible using the historical-grammatical hermeneutic.
  2. Accurately and effectively communicate the gospel, Bible doctrine, and biblical themes in native and cross-cultural situations.
  3. Develop and implement a ministry strategy that is appropriate for cross-cultural evangelism, church planting, discipleship, and helps ministry.
  4. Demonstrate skills necessary to effectively carry out the specialized tasks of cross-cultural ministry.
  5. Describe and biblically evaluate current and historical trends in cross-cultural ministry, including mission theory, financial support structures, and the role of sending churches and agencies.
  6. Describe and biblically evaluate the tenets of major religions.

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