Pastoral Ministry


This program leads to a Bachelor of Science degree.  Students will develop skills necessary to fulfill the functions of a pastor.


The graduate who completes this program will:

  1. Have the skills necessary for sound exegesis and interpretation of the English Bible.  These skills will include use of tools of the original languages.
  2. Demonstrate an ability to preach and teach the Bible, theology, and the principles of Christian living.
  3. Understand the nature, history, and strategic importance of the local church in evangelism and missionary activity, particularly of the Baptists.
  4. Know how to organize, build and administer a local church, overseeing its ministries, worship, and ordinances.
  5. Understand methods of counseling and ministering to the congregation.
  6. Demonstrate ethical convictions and high standards of conduct.
  7. Appreciate the ministry of the pastor as a high calling of God.


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