Student Billing Office

The Student Billing Office is where you will discuss your semester billing statement, payment plan, and receive instruction on how to pay for your education. Any questions regarding financial aid or scholarships need to be directed to the Director of Financial Aid, Stephanie Castillo - scastillo@abu.edu. All students that have a semester balance due will automatically be placed on a 5-month payment plan (August-December for Fall semester; January-May for Spring semester). Our goal at Arlington Baptist University is to work with the students and parents in understanding and managing the financial part of their education. 

The student is encouraged to contact the Student Billing Office at the beginning of each semester to make sure that they understand their payment plan. A student must read and acknowledge the Student Financial Agreement prior to having access to their financial information through the student portal.  Kim Marvin, the Student Accounts Receivable clerk, can be reached at kmarvin@abu.edu or by calling 817-987-1705. You can also set up an appointment for an online face-to-face meeting. 

Please do not hesitate to call with any questions or concerns regarding your student account. We are here to help you!

Make a Payment

Payment plans are set up on a 5 month plan for each semester (August-December for fall semester; January-May for spring semester). The 1st payment will be due the first Friday following the first day of official classes. The remaining payments will be due 28 days later on Friday of the following month. Final payment must be paid in full prior to final exams. If a payment is not received by its due date, a late fee of $25 will be assessed to the student's account the Friday following the monthly due date

Students can make their monthly tuition payment several ways:

  • The student can pay through their student portal with a credit card (we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover)
  • The student can pay in the office with a credit card
  • The student can pay with a check in person or by mail
  • The student can pay with cash in person

Mail Payments to:

Arlington Baptist University

Attention: Business Office

3001 W. Division St.

Arlington, TX 76012

Fall 2024 - 5 Month Payment Plan


1st payment - August 16, 2024 (late fee assessed on August 23)

2nd payment - September 13 (late fee assessed on September 20)

3rd payment - October 11 (late fee assessed on October 18)

4th payment - November 8 (late fee assessed on November 15)

5th payment - December 6 (late fee assessed on December 13)


Spring 2025 - 5 Month Payment Plan


1st payment - January 17 (late fee assessed on January 24)

2nd payment - February 14 (late fee assessed on February 21)

3rd payment - March 14 (late fee assessed on March 21)

4th payment - April 11 (late fee assessed on April 18)

5th payment - May 9 (late fee assess on May 16)

Cost of Attendance for 2024-2025 per semester (For New ABU students attending Fall 2024 and Returning students after an absence of 1 or more semesters.)
Tuition per semester (12-16 credit hours) 8475.00
Per Hour Tuition Rate if below 12 hours or over 16 hours565.00
Registration Fee  (Non-Refundable once registered for classes)100.00
Student Services Fee  (Non-Refundable if student does not withdraw prior to first day of classes)1350.00
Mandatory Student Insurance Fee 45.00
Mandatory Mission Trip Fee100.00
Dorm Hold Deposit Fee (non-refundable)50.00
Room & Board (per semester)4365.00
Dorm Security Deposit - see catalog regarding the policy on the Dorm Security Deposit


**This is not an exhaustive list of fees. Please see ABU Catalog for complete list of fees**