Interdisciplinary Studies

Students who are undecided about a career in vocational Christian ministries or who do not choose to pursue any of the ministerial majors, but who desire some training in Bible and related courses for church work and/or personal spiritual edification will be interested in this program.

The program exposes the student to the area of biblical studies while introducing a number of basic collegiate areas of study.  Sunday school teachers, Sunday school superintendents, and other support staff personnel will find this program useful to their preparation.  The program leads to a Bachelor of Science degree.


The graduate who completes this program will be able to:

  1. Live out a Christian world view as he interacts with the world at large.
  2. Critically analyzes and interacts effectively with other world views.
  3. Communicates effectively to the twenty-first century world the eternal truths of Jesus Christ.
  4. Confidently applies foundational knowledge applicable to a variety of occupations and disciplines.
  5. Uses unique, developed interests to meaningfully contribute to the world at large.
  6. Demonstrate the five basic Student Goals as elaborated in our catalog.
  7. Achieves a degree-plan concentration by completing 18 credit hours of elective courses in one field of study.
  8. Demonstrate developmental progress in the five basic Student Goals as elaborated in the ABU catalog

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