Transcript Request

Requesting a Transcript

To order a transcript, a student/former student must complete the online Transcript Request Form and submit it to the Records Office. Please include full legal name, date of birth, year of last attendance and signature. Click HERE for form.

An official transcript must be mailed directly from Arlington Baptist University to the place designated. Please include the name and address of the organization to which you wish the official transcript to be sent. Unofficial transcripts may be sent directly to the student.


There is a $15 charge for transcripts. You can call the office with credit card information or you can mail a check for $15. No transcript will be sent until payment is made.

The person’s ABU account with the Business Office must be current and paid in full before a transcript may be released.

Processing a transcript request

The usual processing time for a transcript request is 48 hours. (At the beginning or end of a semester, please allow 1 week.) Transcripts are sent by regular U.S. mail. Any type of special handling will necessitate an additional charge that must be paid in advance.

Click Here to complete Transcript Request Form


If you have any questions, please contact Janie Taylor at jtaylor@abu.edu in the Registrar's Office.