Biblical Counseling

This program, leading to a Bachelor of Science degree, will equip students for a Biblical counseling ministry in the local church, and prepare them for entry into a master’s level program in Biblical counseling.


  1. The graduate who completes this program will:
  2. Demonstrate his/her appreciation for the superiority of God’s Word over the secular psychologies and integrated Christian theories.
  3. Understand that the goal of Biblical counseling is a changed heart which leads to behavioral change.
  4. Understand that heart change begins at regeneration and continues through the process of sanctification as the believer matures in his walk with Christ through the teachings and application of Scripture and the work of God’s Holy Spirit..
  5. Be equipped to effectively apply the truths of Scripture to his/her life, and to the life issues faced by those with whom he/she is counseling.
  6. Organize and develop a specific plan of action that will enable the client to experience true heart change.
  7. Demonstrate a commitment to a Biblical model of counseling that produces true heart change, which then leads to a behavioral/life change.

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