Children's Ministry

This program, leading to a Bachelor of Science degree, is designed to prepare students to teach children primarily in church-based ministries.  The courses in the program are geared toward giving students appropriate methods, tools, and techniques for teaching the very young child up through sixth grade.


The graduate who completes this program will be able to:

  1. Communicate the Word of God to children
  2. Organize and administrate the educational programs of the local church with special emphasis on the children’s ministry program.
  3. Discuss current Bible-centered curricula, as well as trends and innovations in teaching children.
  4. Employ the skills, knowledge, and attitudes appropriate to Sunday school and children’s ministries education.
  5. Exercise the skills and methodologies basic to teaching children through various experiences in teaching (Sunday school, vacation Bible school, children’s church, etc.). 
  6. Demonstrate developmental progress in the five basic Student Goals as elaborated in the ABU catalog.

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