Interdisciplinary Studies Online

Online Interdisciplinary Studies Degree provides a flexible course of study with a strong foundation in the liberal arts. Because students are required to demonstrate depth in an academic area and to take courses in oral and written communication and the humanities, the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies provides an interdisciplinary emphasis that prepares students for entry into postgraduate studies and the professional world with a new global focus.  This emphasis involves the completion of at least 18 semester hours in a single interdisciplinary area such as:  English, history, Biblical counseling, etc.  This emphasis cannot be satisfied through additional Bible or Theology hours.


  1. To establish a Christian world view as a basis for meaningful interaction with the world at large.
  2. To develop the ability to critically analyze and interact with other world views.
  3. To equip students to effectively communicate to the 21st century world the eternal and timeless truth of Jesus Christ.
  4. To provide foundational knowledge applicable to a variety of occupations and disciplines.
  5. To allow for the development of interests unique to the individual learner that will enhance his ability to make a meaningful contribution to the world at large.

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