Sports Ministry

The Sport Ministry program is for students who wish to use their love for recreation and sport to help spread the GospelStudents learn the biblical foundations of sport ministry, discipleship, mentoring, sport officiating, and sport planningStudents in this program will have the opportunity to gain real-world experiences, ensuring they are equipped for ministryAdditionally, these students may have opportunities to obtain jobs in Fellowship of Christian Athletes, MLB, NFL, and international missionsStudents could also become equipped to own their own business ministering through sports. 



1. The graduate who completes this program will be able to: 

2. Efficiently and effectively communicate concrete and abstract ideas to a business audience. 

3. Cultivate an ongoing Christian worldview as the foundation and source for business, personal, and ethical practices. 

4. Understand and communicate the potential impact of using sport programs as ministry and discipleship opportunities with special emphasis on outreach, mentoring, and motivation. 

5. Sustain a core level of business acumen allowing effective engagement in for-profit and non-profit organizations which includes a special emphasis on ministry finances. 

6. Influence others through effective management and leadership within varying cultural environments. 

7. Demonstrate some expertise in the programming and leadership aspects of sport ministry through participation in a sport ministry practicum. 

8. Perform and teach the basic skills related to team sport officiating. 

9. Demonstrate developmental progress in the five basic Student Goals as elaborated in the ABU catalog.