Graduate School of Education

The Master of Education Department seeks to prepare educators to become curriculum specialists, curriculum directors, and highly qualified classroom teachers for public and private schools. Our graduate students experience small classes, highly qualified instructors, and opportunities to interact with peers in a Christian environment.  Classes are flexibly scheduled to meet the needs of busy educators who are already active in the fields of private and public education.


1. Students will be prepared for a more skilled delivery of instruction.

2. Students will have the knowledge and skills for evaluating and designing curriculums to meet the proposed mission of an educational entity

3. Students will be prepared to conduct Instructional Coaching of Classroom teachers.

4. Students will be qualified to conduct curriculum directing at all levels.

5. Upon completion of the Educational Leadership specialization, students will be able to take the TExES Principal exam. (Educational Leadership Specialization)

6. Once the student passes the Principal exam and meets all state requirements, he/she will be qualified to apply for certification as a Principal in the state of Texas. (Educational Leadership Specialization)

Delivery of Instruction

All of the classes are now hybrid in nature which means that most of the class work is submitted electronically during the 8 week course. Because students are enrolled in only one 8 week course at a time, they have time to focus on just that course.  The students are required to attend one Saturday face-to-face class for each class which provides students opportunities to interact with their peers, present projects, and participate in a variety of group activities which are an integral part of the master of education degree.

The M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction degree is a 36-hour program composed of 18 core hours and 18 hours of specialized preparation.  In addition, students must submit a professional portfolio that demonstrates their expertise as they relate to the development of Curriculum and Instruction.  This program readies teachers for more skilled delivery of instruction, development of curriculum, instructional coaching of classroom teachers, and curriculum directorship at all levels, including district.  

Core Courses 
(18 hours)
Specialized Preparation
 (18 hours)
EDU 6302 Research in EducationEDU 6301 The Learning Process
EDU 6303 Curriculum Design and EvaluationEDU 6319 Curriculum & Instruction in Reading
EDU 6304 The School and Multicultural American SocietyEDU 6320 Development: Infant, Child, Adolescent
EDU 6310 Instructional Leadership DevelopmentEDU 6321 Current Trends in Math Instruction
EDU 6311 Educational Organization and AdministrationEDU 6322 Methods in Second Language Acquisition
EDU 6312 School LawEDU 6323 Introduction to Exceptional Learners

Admission Requirements

Hold a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university with a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Have a minimum of 12 hours in Bible / Theology and/or Christian worldview.

Complete the GRE (Graduate Record Exam) prior to the completion of 12 hours of master’s course work.

          Minimum Score Verbal Reasoning…………...135

          Minimum Score Quantitative Reasoning....135

          Minimum Score Analytical Writing…………..3.0

Complete a supervised writing assignment prior to or during the completion of six hours of master’s course work.  This assignment is designed to gauge the student’s written proficiency.

Official transcript for each of your earned degrees at the undergraduate or graduate level as well as transcripts from all undergraduate programs attended.

Pastor’s Recommendation

Two recommendations from individuals other than your family that can attest to your character and ability to complete a Master’s level degree.

Submit a $50 non-refundable application fee.

Application for Master of Education

Please complete application and email to jtaylor@abu.edu.

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Master of Education Cost of Attendance
 Tuition $465.00 per credit hour
Registration Fees$340 per semester
Application Fee$50.00
Master's Online Class Fee$150.00 per class