Education Online

Why choose ABU?

ABU offers the legitimacy that only a brick-and-mortar university can. School of Education equips online learners with a Christian community, course continuity, and mastery of state competencies for education as well as the biblical worldview through which to apply them. We deliver the following:

  • Fully accredited four-year bachelor programs
  • Virtual instruction simulating classroom-style learning
  • 16-week semesters
  • An online community fully engaged with each other
  • Individualized, remote student-professor conferences
  • High-quality professors that serve on campus in Arlington
  • Student-teaching opportunities across the state of Texas
  • Training that impacts our culture with the love of Jesus Christ

What certifications can I earn?

ABU offers seven different plans, all culminating in Bachelor of Science degrees. We prepare teacher candidates in the following content areas:

  • Early Childhood – 6 Core Subjects
  • Early Childhood – 12 Music
  • 4-8 English Language Arts
  • 7-12 English Language Arts
  • 7-12 History
  • 4-8 Social Studies
  • 7-12 Social Studies

How can I learn more?

Contact School of Education Chair Michele Pruitt at 817.987.1783 or mpruitt@abu.edu.

How can apply?

Contact admissions@abu.edu.