Music and Worship

The following information applies to all students interested in a degree in music.


Each student must pass an entrance audition before initial enrollment in the program.  The student must select and perform from memory two selections of music of contrasting style.


Students must successfully complete proficiency exams administered by the department.  Students having deficiencies will be required to do remedial work.  Credit is not awarded for these proficiency exams.  Students may be exempt from certain requirements upon successful completion of the exams.


The graduate who completes this program will be able to:

  1. Articulate a well-defined philosophy of Christian worship based on biblical principles.
  2. Explain the biblical basis for music in a local church worship service and ministry.
  3. Demonstrate the knowledge necessary to supervise the musical program and worship service of a local church.
  4. Display competency in at least two areas of applied music used in church ministries.
  5. Demonstrate basic knowledge in the multiple mediums that support the expression of Christian faith and worship.
  6. Exhibit the ability to develop a well-rounded music and/or worship training program in a local church.
  7. Communicate biblical knowledge necessary to provide additional service to the church in its various ministries.
  8. Demonstrate developmental progress in the five basic Student Goals as elaborated in the ABU catalog.

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