Financial Aid Repayments

ABU Tuition Refund Schedule

Students who officially withdraw through the Registrar's Office will receive refunds of their tuition charges from the official first day of classes of the semester according to the following schedule (all fees are non-refundable):


    Within one week (Add/Drop Period)                 100%

     Second through third week                               50%

     Fourth week                                                         25%

     After four weeks                                                 No Refund

SUMMER TERM  TUITION               

     Within First Week                                             50%

     After First Week                                                No Refund

Withdrawing from ABU/Failure to Attend or Participate in Classes

Students who pre-register and decide not to attend must cancel their financial aid award and pre-registration prior to the first day of class to avoid academic charges and penalties. When a student withdraws from ABU, they must first visit with the Dean of Students, Registrar’s office and the Financial Aid office to go through the withdrawal process. The date the student withdraws from ABU is used to calculate the Return to Title IV funds within 7 business days of  the students departure, to see if the student will owe back any funds. The student must return any financial aid funds previously credited to their student account for that semester. Financial aid recipients who enroll and receive aid for a particular semester, then fail to complete more than 60% of that semester will have to repay part or all of the aid received for that semester. Additionally, any tuition, fees and room or board payments refunded by ABU as a result of a student's withdrawal must be returned to the financial aid programs in accordance with Federal law. Students who fail to complete the official withdrawal process but stop attending classes prior to the end of the semester and receive grades of "F" in all classes for that semester will also have to repay part or all of the aid received for that semester. 

Up through the 60% point in each semester, a pro-rated schedule is used to determine the amount of aid to be repaid by a student who withdraws. No adjustments in financial aid are required for students who withdraw after the 60% point in a semester.  

If you receive any student loan, you must complete a loan Exit Interview with the Financial Aid Office if you drop below 6 credit hours, fail to enroll for any long semester, graduate, or transfer to another school.  

Transfer Students - Must cancel financial aid awards at the previous school you attended if those awards covered the same semesters you have requested financial aid with ABC.  

Privacy Issues – The ABU Financial Aid Office will not discuss or release your financial aid information or records to any agency or person,including parents or spouse, without your written consent unless the agency is entitled, by law, to have access to the information. You may give written consent for your information to be released to another person or agency by submitting a Consent to Disclose Information Form. 


For information regarding repayments or revisions to financial aid awards due to dropping classes, withdrawing from the ABU, or receiving additional resources after a financial aid offer has been made by the University, contact the Financial Aid Office.


Once a student has exceeded the number of allowed absences (unexcused + excused) in a course, an unofficial withdrawal will be processed by the Registrar.  Anytime an unofficial withdrawal occurs, the result is a reduction of semester hours which can result in a change of status for financial aid (full-time to part-time, etc.).  **THE STUDENT MAY RECEIVE A WITHDRAW PASSING (WP) GRADE, after he/she exceeds the absences allowed, if the student is indeed passing the course.  When the student has exceeded the allowed absences and is not passing the course, he/she will receive a withdraw failing (WF) grade.

The procedure for unofficial withdrawals will be as follows:  the professor of the course will notify the Registrar of the student who has exceeded the number of allowed absences, the Registrar will complete the unofficial withdrawal form, and the Registrar will submit the form to the financial aid office.  IF at the time of the unofficial withdrawal, we have not reached the 60% mark, the financial aid officer will process a Return to Title IV form and return the required portion of the student’s financial aid to the Federal Government.  If a required portion of the student’s financial aid is returned to the Federal Government, the student will then become responsible for this amount in addition to any amount not originally covered by financial aid funds.


For information about the refunding of University charges due to dropping classes or withdrawing from the University, see sections "Financial Services”, then “Financial Aid Disbursements".