Distance Education

The Distance Education Program makes it possible for the student to study at home, working around the student's own personal schedule.  The study materials are designed to help the student successfully complete the courses. Enrollment in the Distance Education courses may be initiated at any time.  The courses are not tied to a semester structure.  Students are allowed 120 days to complete a course. The Distance Education courses are offered on an institute (non-credit) or full credit basis. 


Each course may be taken for two credit hours; a letter grade will be earned; and credits may be applied toward a degree program.


1.    The applicant must be a born-again Christian and an active church member.

2.    The applicant must be at least 16 years of age.

3.     The applicant must present evidence of high school graduation or a General Equivalency Diploma (GED).  (Students, at least 16 years of age, who are working toward a high school diploma or its equivalency, will be given individual consideration for college credit enrollment.)

4.     The American College Test   (ACT) or the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is recommended.  The Texas Higher Education Assessment (THEA) exam is not required for admission.

5.     The applicant must not be in default to any government sponsored program of education or assistance or to any educational institution.   All charges must be paid in full before beginning course work.  Where a Pell Grant and/or government loan is being sought, final processing will not  take  place  until  the  student has  successfully completed at least 20% of the work.  Funds will be credited to his/her account or refunded within ten days of receipt.    

6.     Careful completion of the application, payment of fees, and submission of transcript and Pastor’s recommendation form is required of all applicants.

7.     Any future application for on-campus (resident) status will require that all other application requirements for resident status be completed prior to acceptance in a regular course of study.


These courses are also offered on a pass/fail basis.  No grade will be issued.  At the institute level, a Bible certificate will be issued for each five (5) courses successfully completed with a pass basis.  With the successful completion of fifteen (15) courses with a pass basis, a Bible diploma will be issued; and recipients may participate in the May commencement exercises. Admissions Requirements are not required when taken at the Institute level.


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