Policy Statement

Policy Statement

The information in this website, the acceptance criteria, the enrollment requirements, the courses offered, the suggested schedules of classes, and the schedule of semester charges are those approved by the Board of Directors and the President at the time this catalog went to press. Arlington Baptist University reserves the right to amend this website as necessary.

Arlington Baptist University does not discriminate against individuals qualified for its programs, services, or employment because of race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, or handicap.

Transfer of Credit Policy/Articulation Agreement

Articulation Agreement/Transfer Out Policy:

Students can transfer credits to schools that are accredited by ABHE (Association for Biblical Higher Education) or accept ABHE accreditation. However, individual courses will be transferred based on how each course can be applied to the degree program chosen at that school.

Transferability is ultimately determined by the institution to which one hopes to transfer and should always be viewed as limited. Not only must the student earn at least a “C” for credits to transfer, but courses must also fit with the program into which one is transferring. Additionally, some schools will only accept credits from regionally accredited institutions and/or limit the percentage of courses that can be transferred in.

If a student is planning to attend for only a limited time, it would be wise to check the “Transfer In” policy of the school to which one hopes to transfer. The registrar can also provide the student wishing to transfer a list of some of the schools in our area that readily accept our credits andsome that do not.

The institutions that readily accept our credits include Criswell College, Dallas Baptist University, Texas State University – San Marcos, and Texas A&M – Commerce. (We entered into an Articulation Agreement with Texas A&M – Commerce beginning in fall 2016 which may be viewed HERE.

Transfer In Policy:

Any student who attended any other institution of higher learning must present an official transcript with his/her application. Credits earned at an accredited institution will be considered for transfer where programs and courses are compatible. Grades earned in courses must be at least "C" level or equivalent before credits can be transferred. Students on academic probation at another college or university will be interviewed before being considered for admission. Transfer students must meet all other admission requirements listed above.

Students applying for admission to the college who are planning to use VA benefits must submit a military transcript. Even if no credits are accepted, a military transcript must be included with the application for admission.

At this time, Arlington Baptist University’s only established articulation agreement is with Texas A&M – Commerce, however, the college has instituted scholarships for any student who completes a two-year program at either Jacksonville College (Jacksonville, TX) or any of the Word of Life Institutes (college). (SCHOLARSHIPS)  Can be viewed in the ABU Catalog.