Students can expect to receive the following while attending ABU:


Biblical Competence:

  1. A basic understanding of biblical facts and principles
  2. An ability to inductively and methodically study Scripture
  3. An understanding of the culture(s) in which the scriptures were written and the importance of context to proper understanding
  4. An overt understanding of the Christian world view and how it differs from other world views
  5. The ability to relate biblical principles to life situations

Spiritual Growth:

  1. Developing habits of personal and corporate worship.
  2. Exploring and developing areas of giftedness through Spiritual Formation.
  3. Learning the importance and power of personal and corporate prayer.
  4. Applying biblical principles to real life problems.

Evangelistic Application

  1. Examining historical and current methods of evangelism
  2. Understanding the power of a personal testimony
  3. Learning Scriptures that will help articulate the Christian faith
  4. Communicating the Christian message in word and deed.

Academic Excellence:

  1. Acquiring basic knowledge in a broad base of subjects
  2. Allowing for in-depth study in areas of special interest or giftedness
  3. Establishing patterns of clear and logical thought that recognize the effect of unexamined presuppositions
  4. Learning to effectively communicate thoughts and ideas
  5. Developing methods of study and research that lead to life-long learning

Personal Development

  1. Learning to recognize and apply one’s unique academic, social, and spiritual gifts
  2. Gaining an understanding and appreciation of the differences of others
  3. Learning to lovingly and effectively communicate with those of differing world views
  4. Recognizing the importance of self-discipline and service
  5. Applying the knowledge gained to life ministry through targeted internships