Students can expect to receive the following while attending ABU:


Biblical Competence:

  • A basic understanding of Biblical facts and principles
  • An ability to inductively and methodically study Scripture
  • An understanding of the culture(s) in which the scriptures were written and the importance of context to proper understanding
  • An overt understanding of the Christian world view and how it differs from other world views
  • The ability to relate Biblical principles to life situations

Spiritual Growth:

  • Developing habits of personal and corporate worship.
  • Exploring and developing areas of giftedness through Christian service.
  • Learning the importance and power of personal and corporate prayer.
  • Applying Biblical principles to real life problems.

Evangelistic Application

  • Examining historical and current methods of evangelism
  • Understanding the power of a personal testimony
  • Learning Scriptures that will help articulate the Christian faith
  • Communicating the Christian message in word and deed.

Academic Excellence:

  • Acquiring basic knowledge in a broad base of subjects
  • Allowing for in-depth study in areas of special interest or giftedness
  • Establishing patterns of clear and logical thought that recognize the effect of unexamined presuppositions
  • Learning to effectively communicate thoughts and ideas
  • Developing methods of study and research that lead to life-long learning

Personal Development

  • Learning to recognize and apply one’s unique academic, social, and spiritual gifts
  • Gaining an understanding and appreciation of the differences of others
  • Learning to lovingly and effectively communicate with those of differing world views
  • Recognizing the importance of self-discipline and service


Applying the knowledge gained to life ministry through targeted internships