Ministry Scholarships

Worldchanger Ministry Scholarship - Undergraduate Students 

Churches who support ABU at $400 per month may recommend one student for a ministry-related degree (Pastoral, Student, Intercultural, Children’s, Biblical Counseling and/or Music & Worship). This scholarship covers tuition only. Fees and room/board are not included in this scholarship. Eligibility and exclusions may apply.

Timothy Fellowship Scholarship - Graduate Students

Churches who support ABU at $400 per month, can select one student from that church to pursue a master’s degree at ABU. This scholarship covers the tuition only and will be limited to 24 hours per calendar year. The student will be responsible for any fees associated with the semester or course charge. These charges can include a registration, as well as an online fee for each course. Should the sending church cease to provide the $400 per month support while the student is registered for courses at ABU, the student will become responsible for the remaining tuition for that term.