Alumni Highlight: Boshman Upchurch

When I call to mind the last ten years of my life, I cannot help but be amazed at the sovereign hand of God’s guiding direction. As a fearful freshman in high school, I had no idea of the drastic change in course that was soon to unfold my life. Over the next four years of high school, God was subtly molding me for the call of a lifetime. Not only that, but he was also equipping my future wife for that same pursuit. Little did I know, I met my future wife my freshman year of high school. To make an incredibly long story short, God worked in both of our lives and gave us unmistakable signs to pursue His calling to Arlington Baptist College. Though this stepped on the toes of both of our comfort zones, God had already been at work equipping us long before our pursuit. My wife pursued a Bachelor’s of Science in early childhood education while I pursued one in Pastoral ministries. I am overwhelmingly thankful for the education we received while at ABC. I was blessed to build countless relationships on and off campus with professors, pastors, fellow-students, and so much more. After five years of attending, I can undoubtedly say, my life was radically transformed by Christ and those whom he entrusted to pour into me on this campus. My wife and I graduated in 2014 and continued pursuing our calling. She is now in her 2nd year of teaching at Williams Elementary School in Arlington ISD. As for me, I am Student Pastor and Worship Leader at the Journey Church in Ft. Worth where I have served since its plant in 2011. We want to thank every single life that interacted with ours and poured into us. We are eternally grateful for your service. In addition, we would like to encourage any current and future students to pursue Christ with everything. We have come to realize in our life that it is our chief responsibility is to be obedient, and it is God’s responsibility to handle the consequences.