What in the Worldchanger is Going On?

What in the Worldchanger is Going On?

by Dr. D.L. Moody

If you have been reading much about Arlington Baptist University over the past year or so, you have probably seen the word Worldchanger repeatedly.  I am aware that when you type this word into a document on your computer, a red underline quickly appears as a courtesy of your spell-check.  Though two words are generally used, we decided to coin a new, single word to describe the type of individual ABU seeks to turn out…a Worldchanger!

We are committed to make this more than a mere “brand.”  What we will consider success in our endeavor will be, when an individual walks across the stage at graduation, shakes my hand as I deliver his diploma, and transfers the tassel from the right to the left side of his mortar board, I can look this person in the eye and be sure that this person has been indoctrinated with certain absolutes that make him a Worldchanger.

So then, “What do Worldchangers look like?”  Myself and the Vice Presidents of ABU sat down to create a clearly articulated description of a Worldchanger.  In addition to being well trained in his specific field of study, what makes the Worldchanger different from one who graduates from a non-Christian university, can be summed up in what we call “The Six ‘C’s” of a Worldchanger.”  Every program is built around these values; every course will emphasize these values; every activity will adhere to these values; and every instructor will model these values.

What do Worldchangers look like?


  • Committed to honesty, integrity, and faithfulness in every area of their lives, including home, church, and the marketplace

Every student at ABU is taught that Jesus Christ is the true and perfect model of how to do life.  Though it is understood that His perfection is hardly attainable, a Worldchanger is identified by the godly and upright characteristics that He, Christ, demonstrated.  As ABU continues to broaden programs, reach more students, and pour the Word of God into their lives, we strive to fill homes, churches, and workplaces with individuals who are sold out to biblical living.

  • Communing daily with God

A personal and daily walk with Christ is imperative for an individual to impact his world with the Gospel.  His faith is more than a token, identifying mark, it is a living relationship with his Creator and Master.  An ABU graduate knows what it means to get alone with God, be controlled by the Spirit throughout the day, and allow a Living Christ to be seen in his everyday life.

  • Capable of leading others to Christ

Soulwinning is the work that God has called every believer to be engaged in.  A graduate of ABU will not only have the biblical knowledge needed to lead men and women to faith in Christ, but will also have been taught that every individual needs to be and can be saved.  Our goal is that every graduate will be actively involved in sharing the Gospel with individuals around the world.

  • Confident of their standing with Christ

To be truly effective in impacting the world for Jesus’ sake, the believer must know who he is “In Christ.”  By the grace of God, Jesus saves us, keeps us, uses us, and will one day come for us.  A Worldchanger knows this, is firm in his convictions, and is unashamed to share the miraculous work that Christ has and is doing in his life.

  • Compelled to serve others rather than self

Someone has said, “Life is much like a tennis match…he who serves well usually wins.”  An ABU Worldchanger will follow the example of Jesus in that he, “…came not to be ministered unto, but to minister…” (Mark 10:45).  He has been taught while attending ABU that a life spent in the work of serving people; lifting the downtrodden; and giving, having priority over getting is the path that leads to blessing and satisfaction of the soul.  A Worldchanger has both heart and hands involved in serving.  He knows that Jesus is the Master and is totally surrendered to go wherever, do whatever, serve whomever, and stay however long as He, Jesus, wishes it to be so.

  • Conquering life’s difficulties through Christ

With the help and grace of Almighty God, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.  Life is not always fair or fun, but the Worldchanger knows that through Christ, he is “more than a conqueror.”  A Worldchanger is not a quitter, but knows that the source of his strength and persistence is found in Christ.  His feet are planted on the promise of God, “Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it” (I Thessalonians 5:24).

WE NEED WORLDCHANGERS!!!!  If you know of an individual who is looking for a place to get a quality education with a biblical worldview, point them to ABU.  If you would like to invest in something that will last beyond your appointed years of life, give to ABU…be a monthly supporter, give a one-time gift, or include ABU in your last will and testament.  WE NEED WORLDCHANGERS!!!