Student Highlight: Amanda Breedon

Amanda Breedon, Senior Biblical Counseling Major

What brought you to ABU? /How did you hear about ABU?

The Lord is so kind to me. It is only by His grace that I came to such a great school! As a high school senior, I had no real plans as to what was coming next for me. I was a good student, but I didn’t think I could afford College, so I never had any dreams to go. However, one of my friends from High School found ABU and decided she would come to a Preview weekend. I decided to go with her just for fun and ended up winning a scholarship from a drawing. My friend decided to come to school here, plus I won a scholarship, so I enrolled, got accepted and started attending ABU the fall after my senior graduation.

 What has God taught you while you have been at ABU?

I came to college a fearful anxious girl, but since being here I have learned so much about what trusting and following the Lord really means. I had such a fear of man when I first stepped onto this campus. I cared way to much about impressing those around me and honestly thought little of how I was relating to the Lord. I have come to learn that life is best lived in light of who Jesus is. That means constantly laying down my idols of self, control and perfection; living for His glory and not my own! If not for coming to school at ABU I’m not too sure I wouldn’t still be living a life that only served myself!

What are your plans after you graduate from ABU?

After graduation I plan to enroll in the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC) certification program to pursue my certification in Biblical counseling. After this, I hope to find a full-time ministry job where I can continue investing in others for the sake of Christ’s glory. Eventually, I would love to pursue a master’s degree in counseling.