Hilltop Conference 2021

Registration for 2021 Hilltop Conference

Please fill out the form below if you will be attending the 2021 Hilltop Conference held on the campus of Arlington Baptist University on May 4-6, 2021.

Hilltop Conference Schedule

Tuesday, May 4th

10:30 AM - Jimmy Withers, Aurora Baptist Church

1:30 PM - ABU Board Meeting

7:00 PM - Mark Hoover, Newspring Church


Wednesday, May 5th

10:30 AM - Dr. Griffin Jones, Retired Pastor, Crossroads Fellowship

Noon - Mission Lunch

1:00 PM - Mission Committee Meeting

7:00 PM - Dr. Charles Lowery, Lowery Institute for Excellence


Thursday, May 6th

10:30 AM - Chris Knowles, Victory Baptist Church

Noon - Senior Luncheon

1:00 PM - Golf Tournament

7:00 PM - 2021 ABU Commencement, Dr. Brady Blevins

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