Completion/Graduation Rates & College Effectiveness Highlights

Completion/Graduation Rates

Arlington Baptist University publishes a graduation rate/percent for first time, full time student cohort who completed their program within 150% of their entering year.

First-time / Full time students beginning:   2013 Cohort 

Graduates:  2017 – 2019

Graduation Rate: 17%


Male - 40%Caucasian - 60%Grants - 60%
Female - 60%Hispanic - 20%Loans - 20%
African American - 20%Neither - 20%
American Indian - 0%
Unreported - 0%

Graduate Employment Rates

Six-year rate/percent of graduates’ employment (2014-2020)

Numbers based on student's initial employment in area related to their major or students particpating in a master's program.

Total # of GraduatesTotal Employed% of Employed
School of Business 11
School of Education504386%
School of Interdisciplinary Studies74
School of Ministry612439%

Five Year Retention Rate for First Time, Full Time Students

2016- 30% of 2015 FT/FT Students Returned

2017- 42% of 2016 FT/FT Students Returned

2018 – 30% of 2012 FT/FT Students Returned

2019 – 51% of 2013 FT/FT Students Returned

2020- 61% of 2014 FT/FT Students Returned

(FT/FT = first-time, full-time freshmen)

College Effectiveness Highlights:

  • Approximately 70% of student body surveyed in Fall 2019, rated the registration process as convenient, simple and effecient.
  • Approximately 92% of student body surveyed in Fall 2019, indicated that class scheduling met or exceeded their expectation.
  • Approximately 70% of student body surveyed in Fall 2019, indicated that God used ABU to improve their personal walk with Him.
  • Approximately 60% of student body surveyed in Fall 2019, rated their overall educational experience at ABU as above average or exceptional.
  • 100% of Education Majors who took the state certification exam during the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 academic years passed.
  • Women’s Basketball team – 2019 Southwest REgional Champions, 2019 ACCA Nationa Champions, 2019 NCAA Division II National Champions
  • Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams – 2019 ACCA National Champions
  • Women’s Volleyball team – 2018 Southwest Regional Champions, 2018 ACCA National Champions

Survey Results of 2019 Graduates

AT least 80% of the graduates surveyed were satisfied with the quality of instruction and indicate that their program of study has helped them:

  • Develop a Christian world view,
  • Synthesize academic knowledge and Christian values (excluding Business majors),
  • Mature spiritually and intellectually,
  • Develop their Bible knowledge,
  • Be well prepared for a career in their program area (excluding Business majors),
  • Develop special knowledge in their field, and
  • Committed to the cause of Christ.

At least 80% would recommend their specific program to others.

Click HERE to view the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Accountability 2019 Report for Arlington Baptist University.