Alumni Highlight: Zachary Jordan

     Sir Isaac Newton was once quoted as saying, “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” This quote has always meant a great deal to me, because it reminds me that anything I accomplish in life is only by the grace of God and the impact that others have had in my life.

     When I think of the various experiences and factors that have contributed to making me who I am today, the Biblical Counseling degree I gained from Arlington Baptist University ranks high on that list. I came into the degree more or less on a whim, but it ended up changing my life in the way I viewed myself, the way I viewed others, and the way I viewed God. Through my classes at ABU, I learned how to better apply Scripture in my day to day dealings with people, always pointing them to Christ.

     Not only did the classes themselves benefit me greatly, but I gained some great mentors during my time at ABU, the foremost of which are Professors Dell Canright and Cathy Wiseman. They taught me a great deal not only through their knowledge, but their experience and examples. Their love and commitment for their students are a massive part of who I am today.

     After I graduated, I wrestled with what God would have me do with my life. I knew He gave me a desire to help people in practical ways, but professional counseling did not seem to be the path to which I was called. Not long after, I began to become interested in public service, which led me to join the Air Force Reserves earlier this year. Still searching for a full-time career, I joined local law enforcement as a Deputy Sheriff for Caddo Parish. I graduated from Caddo’s training academy only a few days ago, and I am looking forward to utilizing the skills and knowledge I gained while at ABU to better serve people as I know God would have me to.