Alumni Highlight: Sandra Smith

God brought me to Arlington Baptist College. After my youngest daughter passed and my oldest was gone off to college, I prayed about His direction for my life and as soon as I did that, I tuned into PBS. I saw Vickie Bryant being interviewed about the School’s history and legacy. I made the decision the day of that program to make an effort to go and visit the school. A few days later I found myself at the College. Immediately when I drove onto campus, I felt a wonderful sense of belonging and God’s love. I felt at home.

I could write a novel about what Arlington Baptist College means to me. I absolutely love the Staff and students. I am very proud to tell anyone about my wonderful experiences at Arlington Baptist College. Soon after attending my first semester at ABC, I lost my job. I saw that as a blessing in disguise so that I could fully focus on completing my degree. I initially decided on majoring in Counseling so that I could assist others (like myself) who were suffering with the loss of a loved one—specifically a child.  He had other plans for my path and I obeyed his will. Even as I was missing Brittany, God saw fit to give me the honor and pleasure of being a surrogate “Mom” to many of the students throughout my time on campus. What a wonderful blessing that was!

Although I received a degree in education, I returned to my old job. In God’s timing, I will pursue a Teaching Certificate. For the time being though, I will continue working from home as my current work as an Account Manager affords me the opportunity to serve on two non-Profit Boards and continue my volunteer work thru my Ministry, Brittany’s Backpack Ministry. I am currently pursuing my 501C certification for this Ministry as well as expanding my ministry to include another part to be called Blessing Bags Ministry for the homeless. I am so blessed to have attended Arlington Baptist College and met such wonderful people who I consider extended family.