Alumni Highlight: Kody Kirk

My name is Kody Kirk, and I graduated ABC in 2015. I came into the college not knowing hardly anything about the Bible and getting saved just 5 months prior. I was overwhelmed and scared out of my mind coming into a place where kids grew up in church and the only thing I knew about church was Wednesday Youth service there was free food.  So I jumped on that bandwagon.

After 4 years (maybe 5) From late night bible studies, crying sessions, and the worst wifi in the world, I graduated. I am eternally grateful for ABC and how the staff shaped a kid who was angry at God, but taught me that God isn't mad at me but rather madly in love with me.

Now I have the opportunity to work at a ministry called "Heartlight" to help teens who are angry and have a troubled past and I get to show them that God isn't mad at them either.

So thanks ABC, for taking a kid who didn't know anything and teaching him he could be a Worldchanger.