Alumni HIghlight: Kimberlyn Berry

I graduated from ABU in 2015 when it was still considered ABC with a degree in Bible and Education. I am ever so grateful for the time that I spent there and believe God sent me to that school for a reason. I was able to have the best of both worlds with an education focused on God and my teaching education. I loved the small classes and the family atmosphere we had. I loved being able to be in the dorms where my dorm parents had their doors opened to us whenever we needed them, and they treated us like one of their own kids. When I got to my education classes, I made friends with 5 other ladies who I am still close with today. My time at ABC was a blast!

I am currently in Saudi Arabia teaching at an American International school. While in the Middle East, I have felt home, have seen old friends and family, been with likeminded people, and have experienced a fun life with coworkers. I have been able to travel to over 13 countries and discover the history they have to offer. During this time, I have also written and published a children's book about my experience being a Third Culture Kid (TCK) and the exciting life I have led. The book is titled Where Do I Call Home? A Third Culture Kid Story and can be found at and soon Amazon. In August of 2019, I will be moving to China to teach at an American International School. God placed this school into my life for a reason and I am excited to find out why He has me going there. If you would like to follow my exciting life, you can check out my blog at