ABU 2018 Chicago Missions Trip

On January 27, 2018, a group of students and faculty will be heading back to Chicago, Illinois to work for a week at the Roseland Community Good News Daycare in south Chicago. It will be a busy week:  working the daycare with the children, ministering to students in a local public school, serving breakfast with a homeless ministry, delivering gift bags to new moms in the hospital, helping Ms. Pearl with projects at her daycare, and being able to share Christ to so many people.

It will be a busy week, a tiring week, but a week that will impact these students’ lives forever. Pray for the team as they begin to prepare for the trip, to raise their support, and to open their heart to what God will do in their lives.

If you would like to support this trip by  supporting one of the team members, please contact Ted Marvin at tmarvin@abu.edu or Kim Marvin at kmarvin@abu.edu. This year the team will be flying so space will be limited, but we would still like to collect specific items to take to the kids who need winter things so desperately.  They are in need of hats, gloves, warm socks, and scarfs. We will not be able to take clothes this year due to flying and luggage restrictions. Please drop off any donations at the ABU Administration office by January 22. If you are not local but would like to be a part of this ministry, you can make a donation to the trip by sending a check made payable to ABU. All money given will go in its entirety to the missions trip. Most of the kids that we will be working with will not receive any gifts for Christmas. Many times what we take are the only gifts that they will get. Thank you for being the hands of Jesus.